Moonstones have their origin in Sri Lanka
Date Added: March 16, 2012 11:37:54 AM
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Moonstones have their origin in Sri Lanka although some specimens are found in India, where it is considered to be a sacred stone. The enchantment of the moonstone comes from the mysterious gleam of light that it emits. The shimmer changes color when the stone is moved. In ancient times it is believed that the light comes from the moon, hence the name. Moonstones are a kind of feldspar called adularia and the changes in color are called adularescence, which is attributed to the intergrowth of two different feldspars having different refractive indices. Since the indices are different, when light strikes the stone, it is refracted, scattered and reflected in different angles. As the stone is rotated, the angle of refraction and reflection changes, resulting in the fascinating shimmer of light. This also explains why the best gleam may be seen only at a particular setting or angle.  


Moonstones may come in a variety of colors such as gray, brown, pink, orange, black and red. Some also have a smoky color. Rainbow moonstones emit a light with rainbow hues. The best specimen however is colorless and transparent but emits a blue shimmer. Specimens with exceptional quality are becoming rare and so the prices are also shooting up.  


This gemstone is surrounded by stories of mystery and magic. In many cultures, moonstones carry symbolic significance. In India, it is believed to bring beautiful visions during the night. It is also a popular gift among lovers as it is said to arouse tender feelings. The wearer of the stone also has improved intuition and enhanced ability to understand. Moonstones are also believed to have healing and medicinal properties. When applied to both temples, the stone has the ability to cool a fever. It is also used to prevent epilepsy, alleviate headaches and treat nose bleeds. When worn, men also come in contact with their feminine side.  


At present moonstone prices vary greatly. Moonstones are more highly priced when they are larger, more transparent and have more intense color. Excellent specimens, that which emits a wonderful blue shimmer especially when worn and moved about, are more expensive than moonstones of other colors. Indian moonstones emitting different colors other than blue are not as popular and are therefore more reasonably priced. Moonstones are becoming increasingly popular because of its feminine and seductive appearance. These gemstones are nature’s creation and as if alive, delight in being admired but more so in being worn. It is only when worn that the best gleam of light can be truly beheld.