Simple steps to become an early bird from a night owl
Date Added: March 07, 2010 01:00:49 PM
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Staying awake late night might not apparently seem wrong or bad, but the difficulty arises when you have to perform the next day’s tasks and duties. As it is said, one who gets up early in the morning commute and snatches that proverbial worm. One who remains sleepless all the night no doubt faces laziness and drowsiness in the next working day. Following are some points to become an early bird from a night owl.

Setting up a nighttime routine:A great deal of your issues will be sorted out if you hit the bed early. Make sure that your routine before nighttime starts off with a body relaxation. This could be a warm bath, a cup of warm milk, some soothing music, deep breathing, or writing a sort of daily diary. Try to maintain such routine, and gradually you will develop a habit of going to bed early.

Avoid TV and Computer:These two technologies are one of the main distractions for early sleep. It’s better to stop indulging yourself well before you plan to sleep. Neither watch TV in bed, nor surf the net for a long duration before you go to sleep.

Say no to Caffeine:4pm should be the latest when you can take caffeine. Around 19 cups of coffee at the day time is one of the causes that make you a night owl.

Light Dinner:Always remember that heavy meals at night make you feel lethargic and slow. Meals like cheese or butter if taken just before going to bed can disturb your sleep and will definitely make it tougher for you to wake up early. Just stick to lighter diets like soups, stew or sandwich before you go to sleep.

Let the curtains open:Let the sun wake you up early in the morning. Let the sunrays greet you good morning. There is a practical reason behind this act, one can never sleep properly when the sun rays are directly hitting the eyes, and one is compelled to wake up early. So allow the sun rays stream through your window.

Morning commitments:Another good way to wake up early is to schedule morning meetings and commitments. It can be sessions at gym, appointment with doctor or boss, pick and drop of siblings or children. It could be anything. This early wake up will not be for yourself, rather it would be a sort of compulsion that you have given someone time to meet. You definitely will wake up if you have this feeling that you are accountable to your friend in mind.