Slow Computer? Simple ways to make it fly!
Date Added: January 15, 2010 11:50:31 PM
Category: Computers & Internet

Many of us might have experienced our computer systems suddenly getting slow while working. We always wonder why does it happens, and becomes a reason to either quit the work or restarting the system. Every time the system gets slow, we experience a pop up error that keeps on popping every time we try to run any specific program. There is definitely one single way to keep your system away from such messes. One of the most useful ways is to diagnose the real cause of the problem and then fixing it up from its root. This one act of yours will make your computer to fly again.

1) Virus is one major cause behind the slow working of your system. They attack the computer in the same way as the virus attacks the human body, and affects its performance. They in the same way destruct the system infect the files and make them invalid and useless for the user, thus affecting the speed of the system. These viruses enter the system via opening of the pop ups or spam websites.

For removal of such viruses several antivirus are available. You can either download from net and update it regularly, or get a CD from the shop and infiltrate the system as soon as possible. The antivirus will detect the virus and control it to circulate and infect the entire system.

2) One major cause behind the speed of your system is Spy ware. You don’t even know when it enters your system quietly. For the remedy you need to find an anti-spy ware application that detects and then removes all such mess. Spy ware can hack your system and steal your personal data and passwords and later on misuse them by sending back to the user.

3) A registry error occurring in the windows is also one major reason behind slow computer. Keep quality registries cleaning software in your system to clean the damaged registry files, the invalid files and the duplicated ones. Search for a windows registry cleaning software and speed up the performance of your system.

4) Over population of your hard drive with lots of programs slows down the speed. Loading too many programs at a time burdens up the system, thus affecting the performance. Windows always keep a back up file of all the visited websites and download stuff. This thing affects your computer speed and also harms the internet security. Get software for this purpose and get rid of such programs.

5) No defragmentation of your hard drive makes your system go slow. People are not aware of this thing, but it really affects the speed. Best is to spare some time and utilize the windows defragmenter utility option.

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